CDP-2 Pre-Genesis Contribution Compensation for Tasks

Any positive contributions are compensated by CureDAO to maximize contributions for sustainable growth.

To ensure this, we, currently, have a temporary token “GCURES” on the Harmony chain.

The “GCURES” tokens are used to track contributions prior to the genesis auction of our real token. Then, after the public genesis auction, 10% of the real tokens are distributed to the pre-genesis token holders proportionally.

Presently, we are using our Multisig to compensate upon the completion of a task.

Soon, we’ll implement a smart contract to structure automated compensation of the tasks.

We determine the token value of a task by:

  • Filling in the “Time Estimate” of the task.
  • Setting the value of the task in “Estimated Value.”
  • Filling in the “Importance” and “Urgency” of the task.

The Documentation Of The Compensation

Once a task is completed, the “Sent Tokens” and the “TX URL” fields are updated to reflect the compensation of a task.

  • The “Sent Tokens” field reflects the token amount sent to the person/s who performed the task.
  • The “TX URL” field includes the token transaction URL.

The Token Compensation Formula


Fixed basic hourly rate (different per discipline, compared to industry-standard higher end) [$] = $46


Estimated Time [hours]

Importance [1-5]

Urgency [1-5]

Determination of factors for Multiplier Factor Formula

1 Importance and 1 Urgency => 0 (Multiplier Factor)

5 Importance and 5 Urgency => 2 (Multiplier Factor)

Bounty compensation Formula [$]

field(“Time estimated in hours”)46(field(“Urgency (1-5)”)field(“Importance (1-5)”)+0.0833-0.0833)

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Thanks, @AndreasMelhede ! This is great! I agree with pretty much everything here.

I would think we need to specify how much Community-Generated Contributions are worth if we’re going to include them in this proposal. Also, we need some way to automatically verify the sharing. That seems like it would be very time-consuming to do all that verification and compensation manually. Maybe we should move that to a different proposal?

Also, can we move the per minute compensation to a different proposal?

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I am glad to hear that, Mike.

Great point in terms of the Community-Generated Contributions. The contributions for that definitely requires quite a lot of work. If we can find a way to automate as much as possible, it would provide a ton of value to exponentially increase contributions. How do you feel like we should approach it for now?
I’ll move it to another proposal.

Sure. I’ll move the per minute compensation to another proposal as well.