CDP-0 - CureDAO Formation and Treasury Initiation Proposal

To bring CureDAO into existence and allow it to operate through on-chain voting, its smart contracts and initial proposals (see CDP-1, CDP-2) need creation and implementation first.

In order to do so, we have created a multi-signature (“multisig”) wallet in which we have assigned signature rights to a number of trusted and vetted early-stage supporters of CureDAO.

This multisig will be the basis of the CureDAO treasury and remain in use for at least the first year after launch to sign transactions, such as budget allocations or mechanism changes. The intent is to reduce attack vectors from potential flaws in early CureDAO’s token economics, governance, and smart contract implementations.


The multisig is a Gnosis Safe . We propose defining 5 (five) signers in total, with a required minimum of 3 (three) signatures for a transaction to be authorized. These five public keys belong to individuals or organizations from sufficiently diverse organizational affiliations and geographic locations.


The multi-sig wallet was instantiated by Todd White on March 07, 2022, and can be found at the following address:


The initial signatories are:

Mike P. Sinn 0x005A166D32f9D5FA6dEEC4FFeF8Dd40Cd3B835B6

Vincenzo Domina 0x0ab9325D36443B01ea0e337B2493031bC399a739

Jason C. Mercurio, MFE 0x737447B1b6bd7DF27B472A6A85ACd3e1Ed4fD237

Todd White 0x7BfF77A0EE50e6e9d436FfD03C0Ab98714Ed1fBe

Andreas Melhede 0xfaf10847fDDea49eFa4BE2e6A43Bca52Fb784EF8

Next steps

This proposal is to ratify the selection of signatories and to record, on-chain, the formation of the CureDAO Treasury.



Thanks for doing this!

Have you seen any proposals from other DAOs that outline how often treasury signatories are elected? Or the process whereby signatories are added and removed?